Our baskets


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We offer four different varieties of our fruit and vegetable baskets to satisfy the different tastes/needs of our customers.

The Standard basket contains 18-20 kinds of products with 2 "superfoods", and the possibility to choose between the non-vegan (eggs) option OR the vegan option (mushrooms).

The Basic basket contains 14 to 16 types of products, including a special product (avocados or berries).

The basket Basic Special has most of the products from the Basic basket , but also includes our most beloved products such as eggs, mushrooms, and other special seasonal products (e.g. avocados, berries, etc).

The Fruit basket contains 10 kg of imperfect and surplus fruit from regional farmers, directly to your table.


All our products are naturally seasonal and regional in origin. This means that the availability of certain fruits and vegetables changes throughout the year. 



What's in this season's baskets?



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