Company Baskets - the best fruit and vegetable baskets for your office

Healthy and sustainable habits can also be practiced in the office. 

Would you like to implement healthy, sustainable and comprehensive nutrition for all employees in your company? Do you feel your team could benefit from fruit throughout the week for morning, afternoon or lunch breaks? Would you like to work in a space that proudly minimizes food waste?

When our heads are racing there isn't always time to pack a snack, or to remember to maintain a healthy diet in the midst of so many deadlines, responsibilities, and meetings in our heads! 

corporate baskets

At Equal Food we want to offer you a way to achieve this goal while saving fruit that would end up wasted with our corporate baskets!

Who are we?

We started the Equal Food project in 2019 in Lisbon to create a world where ⅓ of food doesn't end up in the garbage can. So far we've managed to rescue 290 tons of food, generate 180,000 euros for more than 65 regional farmers, donate tons of food to families in need, help thousands of people implement healthy eating and develop informative and educational content for a community of Equal Foodies with more than 21,000 people.

We believe in community and green values, and we think it is important to expand these values and this mission to a more collective level. This is why, from our perspective, it would be relevant to develop a basket distribution circuit for companies, since the office is one of the places where we end up spending most of our week.

Therefore, at Equal Food we are creating a specific circuit for companies. We offer customized fruit baskets for companies, with 40 pieces. This basket is ideal for the office routine and for the implementation of healthy lifestyles.

equal food baskets

What comes in the business baskets?

The content of the fruit baskets will always include a minimum of 4 seasonal fruits. During the winter the variety of fruit will be about 5 different types, while in the summer about 6 to 7 types of fruit.

basket of fruits and vegetables

How will the logistics of the basket deliveries for companies be handled?

For security and management reasons we coordinate deliveries with your company's Human Resources department or Sustainability department, if the latter exists. From there these departments will be in charge of making the internal distribution.

After the fruit is consumed, our distribution team will collect the empty boxes, and in this way we have managed to make our distribution chain more sustainable.

Together we take another step in minimizing waste, not only food waste, but also material waste, through a circular distribution system.

combat food waste

Get ready for healthy eating from 9am to 6pm, without the hassle of preparing snacks before you leave home. Save time and practice healthier eating with Equal Food, while doing your part to save tons of food that would otherwise end up in the trash.

From 2019 to 2022 we have minimized 260 tons of CO2, saved 350 million tons of water, and saved 290 tons of fruits and vegetables. Do you want to be part of the change too?

Contact us on our social networks ( or through our email( to learn more about how to buy fruit baskets for your company!